Presenting the 2022 LAFC Central graphics package.
This was a season long project that I created, building out matchday sets, posters, and other regular pieces that made appearances throughout the year.
These are all the posters I made for this season, one for almost every match. These focus experimentally on typography, colors, and the club all in one. Here are some of the best.
For the matchday, I created two sets of information graphics depending on whether it was a home match or an away match.
And the final result graphic of course, shown across all platforms as a win 21 times this year.
Here are some more random pieces that were used throughout the year.
A little adjustment is always needed for playoffs.
The main fonts used this year were Monument Extended, Playfair Display, and Bely Display.
All photos used with consent from LAFC's Media package, mainly taken by Imad Bolotok.
I created and manage all LAFC Central pages.

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