2023 Leagues Cup: A look at the graphic design package I created for LAFC Central for LAFC's run in the inaugural edition of Leagues Cup.
These are the two posters made. I used a circular idea throughout it symbolizing the global nature of the game and tournament. The Leagues Cup is a competition between MLS and Liga MX teams (USA & Mexico's top flight of soccer, respectively).
Alongside the match poster, every match had a details graphic, with a different photo used, both club logos, and information on that days game.
These stayed in line with the overall design idea of the dissolved blur, alongside the season long campaign focusing on stamps and mail. The stamp chosen here was one issued by the United States Postal Service in 1969, showing Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon for the first time, titled "First Man On The Moon"
The final score graphic uses the same style with a strong LAWIN behind the scoreline in the same style as the general idea. The match was the Round of 16, so R16 is noted at the bottom. Every corner is filled with info, with LC info, year, and stamp. The scoreline in the middle notes the home team, LAFC, on the left.
Here is how the pieces translated for match day coverage on stories.
The font used was BDRmono 2006. 

All photos included were taken by Imad Bolotok, and used with consent from LAFC's PR package.

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