A look back through the expansion of my design work for the Geffen Academy Mens Soccer team over three seasons.
I was approached by the team to put together some graphics for the Instagram page they were starting. The main font of Abolition was selected, and from there I created a strong sense of power in a Matchday and Fulltime piece, using the club colors of blue and yellow.
I wanted it in your face. For the playoff run, I expanded the set to a cleaner piece along the same branding. Ease of legibility was important because these were printed and posted around the school as well.
The pieces were a hit, and helped grow the team's social media and create the beginning of a brand for school sports.
For the second season, I moved from the black and blue background to a gradient, a much calmer choice, sticking with the same font.
Looking back, these are definitely my least favorite. I believe I went much too calm on them, which was why for playoffs I switched up to something more in your face like I had done the previous season.
These I really enjoyed, especially with the flipped image up top to complete the space. The yellow also made a return in these. Editing the photos to work with the colors of the design really helped make these work, and they were also printed around the school.
For this season, I wanted to include cleaner colors and more blur. White and dark blue took over as the main pieces, which was where I wanted it to be for the regular season.
Throughout the season, I also made a few one off posters for bigger matches, and began strongly incorporating the use of grey, which worked.
For playoffs, the grey stayed in a big way, becoming the main piece for a very militaristic look.
The main font used was Abolition as previously mentioned, with a variety of supporting fonts throughout the years. Photos used by various other student photographers and myself, as noted in each photo.

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