2023 CONCACAF Champions League: An in-depth look at the graphic design package I created for LAFC Central for LAFC's 2023 run in the Champions League.
The main focus of the entire design package was mail and the use of stamps. The CONCACAF Champions League journey consisted of clubs from Costa Rica, Canada, the US, and Mexico.
The top left corner shows the return address, the middle with the address of who the club is playing, and the top right with the stamp from the US and that clubs home, which is the correct way to form an envelope. Alongside that, the tournaments trophy lines the top right and bottom left corner, and the logo in the bottom right. Date, time, and broadcast information are also noted. The stamps would compile as the tournament went on.
Alongside every matchday information graphic was a match poster. They also featured the stamp of the match. Here they are listed in order.
Posters prominently feature players, and the goal; the trophy. Here's how a matchday would run, using Leg 1 of the Round of 16 as an example.
The center shows the score on aggregate, as these are two legged rounds, with the match score smaller to the side. The tournament LAFC stamp I created is prominently featured top right, alongside other design elements consistent throughout the tournament.
After a round win, we move on.
The Black and Gold would make it all the way to the finals, taking on Club Leon of Mexico's Liga MX. Leon would be the victor in the end, winning 3-1 on aggregate. If LAFC had won, this how the that was planned to have looked.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be this time.
All photos included were taken by Imad Bolotok, Devin L'Amoreaux, and Andrew Quirk, and used with consent from LAFC's PR package.

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