2023 US Open Cup: This is a look at the graphic design lineup I created for LAFC Central for the Black and Gold's 2023 US Open Cup run.
The outline this year at Central has focused on mail, with different stamps being used throughout content across all platforms. For the Open Cup, the oldest American soccer tournament, I picked a dark red bald eagle stamp from 1991, prominently featuring the Olympics logo.
Sticking with the gradient idea, I used a white and gold combo, with the circular pattern shaping it. The fonts used are BDRmono 2006 and Briller.
The graphic on the left is for a victory, where LAFC won 4-3 in a shootout away in Monterey Bay, and the one on the right is for the loss to the Galaxy, where the Black and Gold's open cup run ended.
Included are assets used throughout the tournament, helping signify when a match was taking place.
All photos included were taken by Imad Bolotok, and used with consent from LAFC's PR package.

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